ASTS Consulting
ASTS offers diverse solutions to successfully deal with contemporary security challenges.

Our consulting services includes:

  • Consulting
  • Project management and supervision
  • Threats assessment, site mapping and system analysis
  • Security systems design and integration
  • Tailor-made security technology & setup, integration to existing or new 3rd party systems
  • Training

Advantages based on our methodology & field experience Our security doctrine relies upon Active Terror and Crime Prevention where information is provided in REAL-TIME and reactions are automated to better support decision making process.

Our innovative and distinctive security solutions are based on vast real-time experience and extraordinary technology skills, gathered by our managers during years of field experience of supervising & managing security in airports & strategic facilities


Homeland Security § Mass Transportation – facilities, infrastructures of public transport

  • Communication – facilities and infrastructures § National Assets – Governmental facilities, Museums, Financial institutes § Tourism – Tourist site, Hotels § Aviation – airports,airlines

Business and community security § VIP’s – families, houses, businesses § Assets, sites and sensitive facilities § Financial institutes, bank & retail