– brings back lost items!
The problem

  • Every day numerous valuables are lost.
  • More than 7 million Germans have lost their cell phone at least once.
  • Every year more than 170,000 notebooks are brought to the lost-and-found at the 8 largest European airports.


>> There’s no lack of honest finders.

The problem is the lack of ways to find the owner!

The solution

  • An anonymous identification mark for your property
  • Contact address accessible worldwide
  • Lifelong service with no time limit on coverage
  • Worldwide return transport to where you are currently staying
  • One-off purchase price with no running costs
  • Certified data security brings back  93% of all registered items!
How it works

Only 3 steps to a registered CODE number!

  1. Fasten your security label or tag from to the valuables you want to protect.
  2. Register your personal CODE number on the website.
  3. Your property is now protected.

>> Now, if you should happen to lose something, you can sit back and relax.

What happens if I lose something?

  • The finder reports to that they have found something, and we pass this information on to the owner.
  • The finder and the owner can make contact with one another only if both parties agree to this.
  • We send packaging material to the finder.
  • The finder sends the found object to and we send the found object to where the owner is currently staying.

>> After the finder has made contact with us we take care of everything.