Defining the Vision
Vigilant Technology sets the paradigm for Mission-Critical, Decision Support Solutions for Security and Surveillance. Intelligent digital video solutions for Security and Surveillance applications.
The Vigilant Solution

Our system is an advanced digital application, with an intelligent video analysis and management decision support solution, designed for large-scale installations in multi-user mission-critical environments.

The system is based on a Digital Signal Processor (DSP) platform and operates over closed and open IP networks. It is ideally suited for installations that value premium quality video, decision-support intelligent analysis and the ability to upgrade the system as new features are introduced and new industry standards and applications emerge.

Our solutions play a major role in the following primary target markets:

  • Homeland Security
  • Military Installations
  • Municipal Crime Prevention
  • Corporate Buildings
  • Casinos
  • Airports/Seaports
  • Finance and Banking
  • Traffic and Transportation
  • Factory Facilities
  • Correction Facilities